Patients must arrive 30 minutes prior to closing time in order to be seen. We apologize for any inconvenience.

413-461-3530    Amherst

413-773-1394    Greenfield

Thank you for choosing AEIOU Occupational and Urgent Healthcare!  We strive to treat you quickly and effectively and get you back to your life.  We generally see patients on a first come, first served basis, but we do sometimes need to prioritize emergencies.  We appreciate your patience on those occasions when you may have to wait longer than expected.

For your visit: Please bring your current insurance card(s) as well as a photo ID to expedite your visit.  We will ask you to fill out a brief registration form when you arrive.  We will also request that you fill out a form indicating the reason for your visit and a brief medical history so that our providers can serve you well.

Treatment of Minors:   All non-emancipated minors under the age of 18 must have consent provided by a parent or legal guardian in order for the providers of AEIOU, LLC to render medical care.   A consent form will be available for a parent or legal guardian to review and sign at the time of registration.  There are statewide exceptions to this rule including, but not limited treating medical emergencies in which the delay of care would endanger the minor and addressing possible sexually transmitted infections.

Prescription Refills: Your regular prescriptions: If you are unable to see your primary care provider, and have run out of a routine prescription, such as blood pressure medication or asthma medication, you can be seen and evaluated by one of our providers.  We may be able to give you a refill for a brief time to bridge the gap until you can be seen by your PCP.  Ongoing pain management is best handled by your primary care provider.

Prescriptions written at AEIOU: We do not call in prescriptions for patients we have not seen at AEIOU on the day the prescription was written.  If you feel you need more of a medication or a different medication altogether, you need to be seen here again or, better yet, follow up with your primary doctor.

Return visits for the same problem
:  There are instances where a patient may need to be seen more than once to fully address a concern.  This may be suture removal, re-evaluation of a wound or a similar circumstance.  If a return visit is required, many insurance companies require that a copay is collected for each visit.  There are exceptions, however, for example, if you had sutures (stitches) placed by us, we do not charge for the removal unless another issue has emerged.


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