Diabetes Mellitus


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***The driver is Disqualified if taking insulin unless s/he has a Federal Diabetes Exemption or an Intracity Exemption. Paperwork must be completed by an endocrinologist.***


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  • May renew the exemption every 2 years.
  • Must provide quarterly checklist from endocrinologist.
  • Driver will need to perform fingerstick glucose testing every 2-4 hours while driving.
  • Needs written documentation of annual evaluation by endocrinologist and ophthalmologist.
  • Must carry source of rapid glucose oral tablets.
  • FMCSA link to waiver programs: Driver Exemption Program

Patients must arrive 30 minutes prior to closing time in order to be seen. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Known Diabetes

  • The driver will need to bring an annual report from PCP or endocrinologist with treatment plan (including medications, dosages) and most recent Hgb A1c.
  • Documentation will need to include assurance that there have been no hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes or hospitalizations for DKA or Hyperosmolar Syndrome within the past year

Special medications:

  • If taking Byetta (exenatide) or another incretin mimetic the driver will need to provide annual statement from the prescriber that there have been no hypoglycemic episodes, no adverse effects on medication, and the driver is safe to drive.
  • May be disqualified if also taking glipizide (Glucotrol), glimepiride (Amaryl) or other sulfonylurea as they raise the risk of hypoglycemia.

Glycosuria (sugar in urine)

  • The examiner will request a fingerstick glucose testing during exam
  • If no prior diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, the driver will need to be evaluated by a PCP or endocrinologist and present lab results (Hgb A1c) and treatment plan