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Case Management

Many insurance companies that cover your injured employees through worker’s comp, or are TPA’s, add an additional charge for case management. We understand not only the workplace but the employees’ physical condition.  Therefore we strive for and often are able to return the worker to the workplace as soon as medically safe.  Here we use a combination of options like light duty to transition the case forward.

We will work with your managers to assist in identifying the specific restrictions that might prevent the employee from returning to their regular job, and believe that an employee that is off work is generally not a happy employee. There are cases where employees may not be able to work at all, but, for the most part, injuries can be managed with alternative or light duty status.

We encourage employers to be cognizant of the need for ongoing work in these tight economic times and that light duty is always a better alternative than off duty. We can work with your managers to assist them in identifying light duty capabilities and recommending a projected return to full duty date. We are always willing to discuss any case with the employer or the manager, so feel free if there are any questions to call the clinic to talk to the provider.